In the course of LEADS, an extensive list of best practices has been compiled. These have been extracted from various sources, including conferences, high-level workshops and roundtables organised or attended by LEADS, as well as presentations shared by the SPECIALISED projects in the context of the regular Thematic Working Group meetings.

The best practices address several core topics with regards to Advanced Digital Skills (ADS), including:

  • Skills Definition
  • Programme Design
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Upskilling
  • Reskilling
  • Certification/Accreditation

As such, they are relevant for a wide range of stakeholders, or ‘Target Beneficiaries’, namely:

  • Private training providers
  • Public HEI and VET providers
  • Labour force – employed
  • Labour force – unemployed
  • Individuals with non-STEM background

You can browse the different best practices from LEADS by type below.


Assessing and recognising individually acquired digital competencies through the digital skills profile platform

Austria’s best practice: IT screening project for upskilling & reskilling job seekers (ETC, fit4internet).

Denmarks’s responsive policy approaches for rapid accreditation in vocational and higher education

Developing a common Body of Knowledge for a master’s in human-centred AI

Framework for competency-based evaluation of students in higher education

Joint European Degree label in Engineering

Developing the ITC Upskilling Initiative for the European Space Association

Post-Grad Intensive Academy for upskilling employees

Success and challenges in reaching SMEs for digital transformation

Incorporating automated tools and analysis in master programme design

SME engagement for master programme design – DIGITWIN4CIEU

SME engagement for master programme design – AI and Health

SME engagement for master programme design – MERIT

Success and challenges in master’s programme design and development

SME engagement for master programme design – ManagiDiTH

SME engagement for master programme design – CyberSecPro