Nov 22, 2023 | News

The LEADS Thematic Webinars series continued its exploration into the dynamic landscape of digital skills with a focus on mapping demand. Held on November 20, 2023, this insightful session delved into the methodologies and approaches employed by the LEADS project to comprehensively track the demand for advanced digital skills across Europe.

Key Points:
Leading in digital skill assessment, LeADS integrates diverse data sources for a nuanced understanding of evolving needs in the digital workforce.

Introduction (16:00 – 16:10)
Demand Assessment Methodology and Outcomes (16:10 – 16:25)
Q&A (16:25 – 16:40)
Closing (16:40 – 16:45)

Brendan Rowan, BluSpecs
Leonardo Freitas, IDC

Access to Resources:
For those who missed the live session, the recorded webinar and presentation slides from Brendan Rowan and Leonardo Freitas are now available.

We appreciate the valuable contributions of our speakers, making the LEADS Thematic Webinar on Challenges in Mapping Demand an informative session.
Stay tuned for future LEADS webinars as we continue to explore essential aspects of the digital skills landscape in Europe.