Community of projects

Since its inception, LEADS has been playing a pivotal role as a facilitator and connector within the advanced digital skills landscape, across a portfolio of projects. Our consortium has been bridging key communities and relevant initiatives for ADS development and demand collaboration. This extends to fostering collaboration with industry and demand generator tech communities, as well as targeted actions for facilitating connections with Digital Innovation Hubs, especially SMEs and startups.

The LEADS consortium holds unparalleled experience in the management of diverse portfolios. With a track record managing Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs) in a Horizon 2020 context, ranging in combined value from 50 million to 140 million euros, the LeADS consortium leverages this experience to shape a common identity and foster a collaborative community.

Topic Groups

The LEADS consortium established Topic Groups within the SPECIALISED portfolio, designed to maintain focus and momentum. These groups, now actively progressing, convene monthly, fostering collaborative discussions among diverse projects. Sharing practices and addressing challenges, these Topic Groups serve as dynamic hubs for exchanging knowledge, ensuring continuous progress towards the ambitious goals of the DIGITAL programme.

Coordination Board

The Coordination Board is presently providing the forum for developing common strategic guidance. It is identifying common challenges and activities across the projects through an open dialogue with all relevant actors, including policy officers. This ensures the effective execution of the portfolio towards the overall goal of the DEP. Moreover, it highlights areas of need and ensures the smooth functioning of mutual relationships. Quarterly meetings are being held with a co-developed agenda from all participants. The CB is currently in the process of being expanded to include the forthcoming Short Courses Coordinators.