Community of projects

The role of LeADS will be seen as a facilitator and connector across the portfolio of projects and a bridge to the key communities and relevant initiatives for Advanced Digital Skills development and demand collaboration to include industry and demand generator tech communities as well as targeted actions for facilitating the connection with Digital Innovation Hubs and in particular SMEs and startups. This consortium holds unparalleled experience in the management of such portfolios of projects through managing CSAs in a Horizon 2020 context of combined value from 50 million to 140 million euros and builds on this success through this proposed approach with practical experience for forming a common identity and a collaborative community.

Topic Groups

It is anticipated to manage between 4 and 6 topic groups at any time with the goal of maintaining focus and momentum. They will meet monthly for an hour and will have sharing of practices or challenges from each project and the discussion of common actions as the structure.

Coordination Board

The Coordination Board will provide the forum for developing common strategic guidance, which will identify common challenges and activities across the projects with an open dialogue with all relevant actors, including policy officers, to ensure the good execution of the portfolio towards the overall goal of the DEP and the highlighting of areas of need, and the good functioning of the mutual relationships. Meetings will be quarterly with a co-developed agenda from all participants. The CB will be expanded to include the forthcoming Short Courses Coordinators.