The SPECIALISED portfolio of projects is a collection of eight actions funded under the Advanced Digital Skills objective within the DIGITAL programme.

The LEADS consortium assumes a leadership role in overseeing and harnessing the expertise, values, and training programs of the SPECIALISED projects bridging the gap between key communities and initiatives. This approach extends to fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders and demand generators, emphasising connections with Digital Innovation Hubs, specifically targeting SMEs and startups. The overarching objective is to drive innovation and propel the growth of advanced digital skills throughout Europe.

Our mission is to establish a dynamic digital ecosystem that brings together researchers and innovative industries, positioning Europe at the forefront of emerging digital talents. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, our focus is on supporting the development of outstanding education and training institutions that drive innovation and foster digital breakthroughs.

At the core of our initiative is the development of a tertiary degree education program with flexible options of 60, 90, or 120 academic credits. Collaborating with competence and excellence centers, alongside industry partners, we provide funding to tertiary education institutions. This collaboration aims to create and enhance exceptional courses in areas crucial to today’s digital landscape.

Our goal is to ensure that our courses remain at the forefront of technological advancements, concentrating on one or a combination of the following cutting-edge areas:

Artificial intelligence





Cloud Computing