What we do

LEAD strategically operates across three pivotal areas, meticulously cultivating essential knowledge and insights. This wealth of understanding serves as the foundation for actionable initiatives and guidance. Our commitment extends to active engagement, fostering collaboration not only within the broader education and training community but also among the SPECIALISED cohort of projects.

LeADS will act across three key areas within which it will develop key knowledge and insights that will be translated into actions and guidance through active engagement with the broader education and training community and the SPECIALISED cohort of projects.


  • Monitoring and analysing technology and business trends driving the digital societal transformation.
  • Performing an extensive review and mapping of existing training programmes offered by universities, business schools, and vocational programmes in key technological areas.
  • Conducting a gap analysis of the demand and supply side to highlight the emerging gaps that can be addressed by new education and training approaches.


  • Provide insights on how education programmes can be best designed.
  • Addresses the academic and training community across Europe through workshops and platforms to moderate the outcomes of the gaps analysis and develop guidelines for supporting effective programmes, initiatives, and practices.
  • Work with the selected SPECIALISED master’s courses to create a collaborative structure across the projects, ensuring the greatest impact can be achieved within the Advanced Digital Skills elements.


  • Maximise the awareness and impact of the Advanced Digital Skills Initiative, supporting the establishment of a cohesive and synergic ecosystem.
  • Promote the stakeholders’ participation in surveys and activities aimed at collecting their contributions to the digital skills demand and gaps mapping.

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