Nov 25, 2023 | News

Barcelona, November 23, 2023

In a dynamic showcase of innovation and collaboration, the EIT Deep Tech Talent event held in Barcelona featured a notable presence from LEADS, with Brendan Rowan from BluSpecs and LEADS coordinator playing a key role.

Brendan Rowan highlighted LEADS’ commitment to advancing technology, policy, and skills, emphasizing their role in initiatives like DigiQ Digital Twins for Infrastructures & Cities, Digital MERIT, Digital4Business, CyberSecPro, and the Project ManagiDiTH – Master of Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector. Rowan outlined LEADS’ contribution to bridging the digital skills gap and fostering collaborations within the tech community.

The event culminated in the Prize Ceremony, where the winners of the 1st Deep Tech Talent Training Prize were announced. LEADS’ active involvement in deep tech training and commitment to the cause was acknowledged, reinforcing their dedication to shaping the future of digital skills.

Reflecting on the event, Brendan Rowan emphasized the urgent need for a cohesive strategy to address the advanced digital skills gap. He noted, “The advanced digital skills gap will remain as long as we have a fragmented approach to this. We need to invest more and take many types of actions across the board.” Rowan advocated for comprehensive efforts ranging from long-term investments in education to immediate upskilling and reskilling initiatives, stressing the importance of diversifying talent from non-tech backgrounds and breaking down social barriers to inclusion.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent event attracted a diverse audience, including industry leaders, educators, and representatives from partner organizations. The panel discussions, insightful keynotes, and lively exchanges underscored the shared commitment to tackling the challenges posed by the tech skill gap.

LEADS’ participation in the event not only showcased their dedication to fostering digital skills but also highlighted their role as a key player in collaborative efforts to address the complex landscape of advanced digital education and training.

As the event concluded, the organizers expressed gratitude to the partners, speakers, and contributors, emphasizing the crucial role of teamwork in the success of the initiative. The commitment of organizations like LEADS is essential in driving initiatives that will shape the future of technology and bridge the digital skills divide.

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