LEADS Best practices

SME engagement for master programme design – AI and Health


Industry collaboration


Private training providers, Public HEI and VET providers


Baran Bayindir, CEO, Smart Lab Partner


Integration of AI-technologies in healthcare and provision of guidance for using tools in non-ICT fields (e.g. Biology and Medicine) through a master’s degree programme delivered across France, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

  • Hands-on training that involve SMEs in the course creation, and industry experts make up the training staff.
  • Learning built in association with micro-credentials and digital certification to increase industry and professionals’ participation and circulation of digitally identifiable certificates.

Maintaining the critical talent in delivering programmes, as well as having sufficient time to ensure the active and consistent engagement of SMEs involved. Maintaining this also througout the study programme and implementation design period is considered a challenge, as these tend to be only addressed and tackled in later stages, in which it is too late to set of the necessary steps and operational tasks for successful implementation.

Key takeaways
  • Raise awareness through events to enable interaction from both academia (HEIs, VETs and research organisations) and industry (start-ups and SMEs).
  • Prepare engagement models in advanced to introduce the companies to the study courses in time.