LEADS Best practices

Post-Grad Intensive Academy for upskilling employees




Labour force employed


Luca Malinverno, Data Scientist, Porini

  • Porini, a DGS Group company specialising in innovative digital solutions, designed a custom course for its client’s 12 new employees, to teach them company-specific methodologies and software, facilitating the transition from university to work.
  • Developing a 2-month onboarding course following the Kolb Cycle, intended as a means to (self) evaluate the employees’ grasp of the topics addressed.
  • Dealing with different levels of degrees: ranging from bachelor’s to master’s and PhD.
  • Meeting the needs of employees with different professional profiles and experience in ICT.
Key takeaways
  • Incorporate hands-on labs with real-life scenarios and use cases throughout the course.
  • Establish a clearly defined trajectory from the outset, to avoid the presentation of disparate technologies or data analysis stages as independent pipelines.