LEADS Best practices

Joint European Degree label in Engineering




Private training providers, Public HEI and VET providers

  • Lucía Linares, Project Manager, UPM
  • Ramón Martínez, Project Coordinator, UPM
  • Facilitating and harmonising the accreditation of engineering degrees across Europe to redefine the education of engineering, technology and science-oriented degrees.
  • Designing a prototype label for European joint degrees, based on a common set of European criteria and compatible with engineering, technology and science oriented degrees.
  • Testing the label on identified joint programme candidates.
  • Delivering recognised and differential Joint Degrees at all levels, including employers.
  • Overcoming barriers in national legislations.
  • Reluctance of national engineering professional associations to recognize foreign programmes.
Key takeaways
  • Use inputs from multiple stakeholders on evaluating the set of criteria and envisioning the long-term application of the label.
  • Learn from existing resources, well-known labels and engineering accreditation processes, e.g. EUR-ACE.