LEADS Best practices

Austria’s best practice: IT screening project for upskilling & reskilling job seekers (ETC, fit4internet).


Upskilling, Reskilling


Labour force unemployed


Valerie Michaelis, Deputy Seretary General, Fit4internet, Pact for Skills and Digital Skills and Jobs Coallition


Applying the Digital Competence Framework for Austria – DigComp 2.3 AT for adult education, re- and upskilling, labour market initiatives, tailored curricula development etc.

  • Multi-step approach to address job seekers with ICT skills: Self-evaluation of general skills via online assessment.
  • Dig-CERT Certificate for general digital knowledge, provided by fit4internet (based on DigComp AT)
  • Vendor-based testing for demonstrating subject-specific knowledge.
  • At the end a report outlining the level of possessed skills and recommended upskilling plan is provided to support reemployment. Process owner and implementing organisation: ETC – Enterprise Training Center www.etc.at

  • Addressing the lack of alignment between what skills the unemployed labour force in Austria thinks are needed in the market and those skills actually required by employers.
Key takeaways
  • Engage multiple stakeholders from academia, industry and policy to agree upon holistic and useful digital competency frameworks. Using widely applied frameworks to measure skills gaps helps individuals and institutions to plan accordingly and improve rates of reinsertion into the labour force. Companies benefit from knowing the skillsets that are being provided.