LEADS Best practices

Filling the Deep Tech Specialists Gap


Programme Design


Students in tertiary education


– Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
– EIT Digital


Javier Segovia, javier.segovia@upm.es


Analysing the industry demand of skilled people at short-cycle level
Creating industry standards for short-cycle tertiary ICT programmes in consultation with the industry.


European institutions are slow at changing their curricula and do not reflect the dynamism of the labour market needs
Very limited and fragmented offer of new specialised master’s programmes in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)
Widespread use of the Humboldt model of higher education.


Official degrees that grant access to a PhD program, created from re-using and mixing existing courses Programme organisation, coordination and mobility funded by EIT-Digital to address the issue of universities’
closed budgets Industry collaboration providing industrial cases and mentors.


Address budget limitations by: Developing new programmes by combining existing courses from other relevant master’s degrees
Securing funding from industry partners Consider ‘Private Degrees’ taught by industry experts and schedules adapted to professionals to speed up the accreditation process.