LEADS Best practices

Developing the ITC Upskilling Initiative for the European Space Agency (ESA)




Labour force employed


Luca Malinverno, Data Scientist, Porini

  • Porini, a DGS Group company specialising in innovative digital solutions, designed a custom course for its client’s 12 new employees, to teach them company-specific methodologies and software, facilitating the transition from university to work.
  • Developing a tailored 14-month programme on the use of Power BI, delivered to 500 employees of the European Space Agency.
  • Training ESA Employees with diverse levels of technological competency and experience.
  • Addressing the needs of diverse role profiles, ranging from admin officers to highly skilled professionals with considerable background in Data Analysis.
Key takeaways
  • Start with the basics and during the course adapt the level of the exercises according to the class performance.
  • Divide participants in groups and let the most skilled students teach and pass on their knowledge to the rest of the group.