LEADS Best practices

Collaboration between industry and universities for Advanced Digital Skills (ADS)


Industry Collaboration


Students in tertiary education, VET students Non-STEM background




Gonzalo Gómez Lardies, gonzalo.gomez@inetum.com


Facilitate interaction between academia and enterprises in two aspects: The cooperation needed to evaluate the adaptation of students to a company The collaboration in curricula and specific subjects.


Analysis of soft skills required by the market, e.g. capacity of learning, teamwork, customer, and resource orientation etc. Relatively small but double mismatch between the required and available skills: Qualitative: the capabilities are not exactly as needed from the companies Quantitative: difficulty in acquiring talent, strong competition between the companies.


INETUM has a strong level of co-operation with 10 universities (primarily UPM) Several programmes, including industrial chairs, co-labs, awards, courses and outreach sessions, internships (even with secondary school) help to create awareness of the best talent, among others.


Higher Education Institutions (HEI) can assist in the preparation of students for the job market, through collaboration with the industry
Need to be closer to innovation technology to be able to incorporate ‘hot topics’ into projects.