LEADS Best practices

Developing Advanced Digital Skills in the workforce


Skills Definition


Trainers Organisations Microsoft Ireland


Microsoft Ireland


Kieran McCorry, Kieran.McCorry@microsoft.com


Mapping the expected ADS demand from the perspective of Microsoft and its clients Creating talent pools from non-standard backgrounds, e.g., people from disadvantaged backgrounds or people who want to return to the workforce.


Difficulties faced finding employees with sufficient ADS
Required employee skills include: Technical ADS: Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, quantum computing, and data science. Broad skills on sustainability, and the notion of low code, no code platforms.


Initiatives led by Microsoft to enrich the pool of employees Range of sponsorship programmes in Ireland, focused on ADS and particularly AI, cybersecurity and data science skills.


Certificate programmes for graduate and undergraduate students with more practical focus have a lower cost of entry, both in financial terms (with the help of the Irish Government) and academic background, and give more flexibility for employees and the company.