LEADS Best practices

Developing a common Body of Knowledge (BOK)for a master’s in human-centred AI


Programme design


Private training providers, Public HEI and VET providers


Barry Feeney, Head of School of Enterprise Computing and Digital Transformation, TU Dublin

  • Developing human-centred AI programmes and courses delivered in multiple languages across Hungary, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands, to support the legal, regulatory-compliant, and ethical adoption of AI.
  • Organising learning events, such as panels and expert workshops, using the expertise of all partners, that will comprise the Human-Centred AI master’s Programme, including study materials.
  • Developing a common Body of Knowledge in collaboration with industry and research centres.
  • Addressing inconsistent requirements across countris and institutions.
  • Fitting with the university culture, particularly when it comes down to selecting whether to adopt an applied vs. technological approach.
Key takeaways
  • Transpose the Body of Knowledge to national formats for validation.