LEADS Best practices

Designing Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence (AI) Masters with the industry


Programme Design


Students in tertiary education


TU Dublin, HU University of Applied Sciences


– Barry Feeney, barry.feeney@tudublin.ie
– Huib Aldewereld, huib.aldewereld@hu.nl


Creating AI systems that amplify and augment rather than displace human abilities Preserving human control through operational transparently and respect to privacy Ensuring the AI meets human needs Delivering equitable outcomes.


Opaque AI algorithms making important decisions do not reveal on what basis decisions are made, if they are fair, in whose interest, and what data was used in this context. This approach can have major ethical implications.


HCAIM is developing 4 master’s programmes and online courseware in various EU languages, pushing for collaboration between industry, academia, and research centres to define the Body of Knowledge (BoK) for AI developers in Europe.


A common Body of Knowledge (BoK) was developed in consultation with the industry Learning Events were created using the expertise of all partners to match the BoK A list of dissertation and project ideas was formed among all partners, based on real challenges supplied by the industry.