Around 30 individuals attended today’s LeADS/UNLOCK workshop, some of whom representing a selection of 5 use cases which the UNLOCK-CEI project. Brendan Rowan provided context by discussing fostering adoption through Advanced Digital Skills, while Golboo Pourabdollahian expanded upon this by discussing foresights and key use cases of CEI demand landscape.

The workshop was separated into 5 parallel sessions, each focused on a specific use case; these included precision agriculture, smart buildings & cities, crisis management, cognitive production lines, and edge services in the port continuum. The sessions, held using Miro software, were led by owners of the use cases, as well as industry and academia professionals to provide diverse viewpoints.

First, the sessions examined the key profiles in partner organisations for each use case, followed by identifying skills gaps based on the key tasks of each profile. Finally, participants brainstormed their own key profiles for some of the players in the value chain. The afternoon ended with presentations of the main points from each session and an open discussion about the future skills demands in the cloud-edge-IoT continuum. This was an engaging event with a plethora of perspectives from the diverse group of participants and the knowledge and experience of the use case owners.