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Workshop: VET-Oriented Reskilling in the domain of Advanced Digital Skills leveraging Microcredentials and MOOCs

23 November @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Leading Question: How to ensure the availability of appropriately recognised micro-credentials, short-term course and online learning options to meet industry and learner demands.


In a rapidly changing job market, continuous learning and reskilling are essential for professional growth and career success. The LeADS (Leading Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills) Coordination and Support Action funded through the Horizon Europe framework aims to provide insights into the changing advanced digital skills (ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation to equip skills suppliers (education and training) with the knowledge, guidance and best practices to shape the future of European ADS talent and support the effective implementation and collaborative success of the ADS programme within the Digital Europe Programme (DEP).

This workshop focuses on VET-oriented reskilling through innovative approaches such as microcredentials and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that can lead to faster adaptation of educational programmes to the emerging and rapidly changing demand. Participants will explore how these flexible and accessible learning options can help workers in the ICT domain acquire new skills, validate their knowledge, and stay relevant in their respective industries.

At the end of the workshop, participants seeking lifelong learning and training opportunities will be equipped with practical knowledge and tools to embark on a VET-oriented upskilling/reskilling journey using microcredentials and MOOCs, enabling them to remain competitive and agile in the dynamic job market. Additionally, stakeholders in VET will gain a deeper insight on the pollical interventions and organizational reforms that need to take place in order to efficiently implement and exploit the power of new flexible forms of education and training provisioning.