March 27th, 2023 | Online | 1:00pm–14:30pm

The Leading European Advanced Digital Skills (LeADS) program aims to provide insights into the changing advanced digital skills (ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation to equip skills suppliers (education and training) with the knowledge, guidance and best practices to shape the future of European ADS talent.

Over the course of 7 years, LeADS will support the development of advanced digital skills to reinforce higher education institutions in the design and delivery of specialised programs for future experts in key capacity areas like digital, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). We are inviting you to an online workshop on methods for aligning curricula to dynamic demand in the context of higher education.

The main goal is to gather insight into how higher education institutions (e.g. universities) can integrate the needs of industry specialised skills in the design of their programs. Methods that will be discussed include an advisory board. The workshop is principally aimed at course directors and training providers but will also be of interest to human resources managers eager to extend collaboration with universities.


  • Gonzalo Gomez Lardies – Group Chief Marketing Officer – Inentum
  • Juan Jose Moreno Navarro – Full professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Kieran McCorry – National Technology Officer at Microsoft Ireland