May 2, 2024 | Press release

20x30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit announces prestigious lineup of speakers

High-level speakers from the industry, academia and the European Commission will gather in Madrid to shape Europe’s journey towards adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030.

In the ever-evolving landscape of advanced digital skills, Europe stands at a critical juncture. To address the urgent need for skilled professionals in areas such as cloud computing, IoT, data, AI, quantum computing, and cybersecurity, the “20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit” is is scheduled for 16 May 2024 in Madrid, Spain.

This one-day event, coordinated by the Digital Europe Programme ‘Leading Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills (LEADS)’, aims to gather thought leaders from business, academia, and policy backgrounds. The summit is designed to explore and chart Europe’s journey towards advanced digital skills (ADS) excellence by 2030, aligning with the ambitious goals set by the Digital Decade policy initiative.

Kicking off the summit will be Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak, Head of Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education at the European Commission, setting the tone for a day dedicated to advancing Europe’s digital landscape.

Joining her are top experts in the field such as Laurent Muzellac, Dean of Trinity Business School; Catherine Bohill, Director of ESG Impact at
Telefónica; Diogo Santos Franco, Global Ecosystem Senior Strategist at Siemens; Kristen Doran, Global HR Business Partner at SAP;
Sebastian Clausse, Spain CTO at Thales Alenia Space; and Miguel Valdivieso, Head of IBM Talent & Transformation Consulting at IBM.
Each speaker brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that attendees gain invaluable insights into the future of digital skills
and technology.

Attendees can expect a dynamic program featuring roundtables, keynote speeches, workshops, and showcases of best practices, forming a crucible for innovative solutions and strategic collaborations.

Who is invited?

  • HR experts: To explore new approaches for tackling skills gaps and keeping up with the changing digital skills environment.
  • Tech professionals: To acquire knowledge on state-of-the-artsolutions and upcoming trends to remain competitive in the digital
  • Educational institutions and training providers: To understand tools and techniques for preparing the future workforce with advanced digital skills.

About the 20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit

In an era of rapid technological evolution, Europe’s competitive edge hinges on its ability to develop and maintain advanced digital skills.
Facing a critical shortage of ICT professionals, the “20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit” emerges as a pivotal gathering to propel Europe
towards its ambitious goal of adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030, underpinning the Digital Decade policy initiative. This free one-
day event in Madrid unites thought leaders from business, academia, and policy-making to chart Europe’s journey in advanced digital skills.
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The LEADS project, in the context of the Digital Europe Programme, aims to deliver insights into the changing Advanced Digital Skills
(ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation, to equip the education and
training communities to better close the gaps to the industry, by providing roadmaps and guidelines.
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