Apr 10, 2024 | Press release

20x30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit announces prestigious lineup of speakers

As the countdown begins for the highly anticipated 20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills (ADS) Summit, organisers have unveiled the prestigious lineup of speakers set to inspire, inform, and engage attendees at this transformative event.

Scheduled to take place on May 16, 2024, in Madrid, Spain, the ADS Summit is a one-day event coordinated by the Digital Europe Programme ‘Leading Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills (LEADS)’. With a mission to propel Europe towards adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030, the Summit serves as a cornerstone in advancing the continent’s digital skills landscape, aligning with the ambitious goals outlined in the Digital Decade 2030 initiative.

Kicking off the summit will be Rehana Schwinninger-Ladak, Head of Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education at the European Commission, setting the stage for a day dedicated to exploring the future of digital skills in Europe. Joining her are esteemed thought leaders from various sectors, including experts including CEOs, Deans, Directors, and Senior Strategists from leading companies and institutions such as Uni Systems, Trinity Business School, Telefónica, Siemens, SAP and IBM, each bringing their unique perspectives and expertise to the table.

Their participation underscores the significance of this event in driving forward the agenda for advanced digital skills in Europe and beyond. We look forward to insightful discussions and fruitful collaborations that will shape the future of digital skills development.

The Summit promises to be a focal point for shaping the trajectory of Europe’s digital landscape, with a pressing need for skilled professionals in areas such as cloud computing, IoT, data, AI, quantum computing, and cybersecurity.

About the 20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit

In an era of rapid technological evolution, Europe’s competitive edge hinges on its ability to develop and maintain advanced digital skills.
Facing a critical shortage of ICT professionals, the 20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit emerges as a pivotal gathering to propel Europe towards its ambitious goal of adding 20 million new ICT specialists by 2030, underpinning the Digital Decade policy initiative. This free one-day event in Madrid unites thought leaders from business, academia, and policy-making to chart Europe’s journey in advanced digital skills.
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The LEADS Coordination and Support Action, in the context of the Digital Europe Programme, aims to deliver insights into the changing
Advanced Digital Skills (ADS) demands within a dynamic technological development context and current digital transformation, to equip the education and training communities to better close the gaps to the industry, by providing roadmaps and guidelines.
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